Steps to Become a good Angular Developer — Roadmap through Udemy Courses

In this article, I would like to point out some excellent courses present in Udemy to become a good Angular Developer. This article is intended for Rookie’s but anyone else can use it as well if interested.

In the current age, there are lots of articles, books, online tutorials which are too overwhelming for a newcomer with all these pieces of information. Hence in this article, I would like to show you the way I followed.

Step 1 — HTML, CSS

The first step if you are an absolute beginner is to first learn HTML & CSS. One important thing to note is that don't try to memorize all HTML tags and CSS properties as it is very efficient and not required. As you regularly use it you will get the hang of it. Don't overthink and try to master everything at a go.

Here to learn HTML, I feel learning from W3 Schools is more than enough. I know this is not a Udemy course, but still feel is more than enough to get an idea about HTML and its usage.

Once you complete this, the next step is to learn CSS. For this, I feel Maximillian’s course to be very thorough.

Step 2 — Javascript

The next logical step is to learn Javascript as Angular is a Javascript-based framework. One thing to note here is that having a sound skill in Javascript will help you move forward in your career, thus it is good to learn from the below Udemy course as it covers in and out of Javascript with hands-on tutorials. It also covers an intro to NodeJS, Testing, Data Structures & Algorithms, Typescript, and Web components. Thus once you complete this course, you will come out with an overview of other technologies as well.

Step 3 — Typescript

Typescript has become so popular that it is highly also used in other Angular competitors like ReactJS and VueJS as well. In order to learn Angular with confidence, having a good knowledge of Typescript will definitely help you. For Typescript, I will suggest going over Stephen Grider's course. One thing to note is that this course covers integrating Typescript with NodeJS and React as well. If you are not interested, feel free to skip those. This is really advanced course which also covers Design Patterns, etc. If you feel it's too much, grasp as much as you could and once you gain more experience come back and learn again.

Also, please note that it is not mandatory to go over this to learn Angular as the Angular course which I am gonna suggest will have a crash course as well. But if you are serious about making software developer as your career definitely go through at least at a later point in time.

Step 4 — Angular

After all the effort, here comes the crux. Learning Angular to be frank is not easy as it involves Typescript, RxJs, and others. Hence, I would like to suggest here two good Angular courses and feel free to learn both or any one of your choices to get a good hands-on experience.

Step 5 — Become Advanced Developer

Now if you feel motivated and would like to take your skills to the next level, these courses will help you a lot.

This course on Data Structures & Algorithms will give you the knowledge to write efficient and good code.

Also, you might not get hang of RxJs easily. In order to understand it better, I recommend these courses.

Once you gain RxJs knowledge it is good for you to get an idea of advanced patterns of using RxJs with Angular which will be provided by the below course.

Will all the knowledge you have, now it is time to get some good architectural skills and advanced Angular topics in your bag with these two courses.

Especially the above course is really valuable as it gives a good overview of Angular is used in the Real-world.

Okay, I get it, it is a long journey. Good things do take time. As the last step, getting to know about testing is really important with TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behaviour Driven Development). The below course will give you a good idea about testing services, components, etc in Angular.

But if you want to know all about Angular, it is always good to visit their official website as well. Hope you find this roadmap helpful.

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